Wedding agency


Bright history of your family is our hard work! 

A wedding ceremony is not only about party; it is often a cherished moment in a couple's history. This event must be at a higher level of standards, stress-free and leave your guests talking about it for a long time. We understand that you have busy and demanding work and social lives, so our role is to alleviate the stress that comes with planning an event. We want you to enjoy the process from start to finish so you are free to be as involved as much or as little as you like, although we will ensure that you remain in control at all times. We will take over the nitty gritty and finer details, meaning you can focus on what’s important and celebrate your special occasion without having to worry a thing.


As one of the leading event planners in the industry, we have a wealth of resources and an expansive network of contacts to help turn every event into something extraordinary. We design, plan and produce exceptional and bespoke events, both private and corporate to the highest level across Russia and others countries. We cover all aspects of organizing your event – from the initial planning stages of finding the perfect venue, to sourcing all suppliers, creating the design concept through to making sure every last detail is in place on the day.

We start from a detailed consultation to understand your requirements and vision for the day.

We then over-see the following:


Expenditure planning and personalized timing.


Venue sourcing

Styling and creation. We suggest color schemes, table settings, lighting, furniture, down to the smallest detail, to ensure that every wedding and event is unique.

Supplier sourcing. We do the work for you to source all elements of your wedding or event such as: the photographer, videographer, florist, cake designer, music, transport, catering, entertainment, child care etc. Every supplier is thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet our high standards and are perfectly suited to you.

All administration

Event day management

Etiquette and tradition

Assistance in sourcing attire

Pre and post wedding / event celebrations.


The process of wedding preparing is unique and the time for it can be completely different - from a couple of weeks and a few months to a year, and even a year and a half. Putting too much on your own shoulders can spoil your own enjoyment on the day, which is why our team main task is to allow you focus on what’s really important, be as involved as much or as little as you like, enjoying the process from start to finish and celebrate your special occasion without having worry about a thing. At the begging we place the manager (planner) in charge of your event, provide you with a detailed and personalized timeline, mood-boards, sketches and always are in touch with you. We pay special attention to personal financial planning from drawing up a budget to ensuring payments are made on tome.

The preparation process should be a part of the event, and not being a routine! 



The wedding budget varies from your individual requirements, wishes and event complexity. We understand that every event is unique, and our task is to create an exceptional party within your budget! Our team takes responsibility for the result and do big job within the established deadlines.

That is why the cost of services to pay is 10% of the overall budget spend. For events with exceptionally large budgets we are happy to agree a fixed fee.

1. Call us on +7 495 664 6943 to speak directly with one of our team and arrange a meeting at your convenience.
2. At the meeting we will understand your requirements and vision for the event and tell you the principles of our work.
3. After signing the agreement and prepayment, we proceed to prepare your event.
4. We will together select the venue for your event.
5. Our designers will build up a concept and prepare a décor visualization for you.
6. We put together a program and choose the team (the photographer, videographer, florist, cake designer, music, transport, catering, entertainment, child care etc.).
7. We will select additional services according to your wishes.
8. We will there on the day, to ensure every detail is in place and to be the main point of contact.

Your event is our reputation!